Ed.S. Educational Leadership: Director of Special Ed.

The EdS Degree in Special Educationis designed for certified teachers with a master's degree who seek a leadership role as a Director of Special Education. Emphasis is on the administrator as an instructional leader as well as a servant leader. Ethical decision making, creative problem solving, and professional growth are other areas of emphasis.

Program Design

This program leads to an Education Specialist degree with an endorsement on an Idaho Administrator Certificate as a Building Administrator as well as an endorsement on an Idaho Administrator Certificate as a Director of Special Education. Individuals should check for specific requirements for certification in other states.

This degree is offered in a blend of online and on-campus classes. Distance students can take any on-campus class virtually through real-time videoconferencing.

Cohort Schedules

New cohorts begin in the spring of each year. A student who joins an active cohort is placed in the one that corresponds to the student's expected graduation date.

On Campus/Online: Cohort 7

Required Courses

M.Ed. in Exceptional Child completed
EDUC 7511 The Learning Process OR EDUC 7533 Curriculum & Assessment (3)
EDUC 7575 Legal/Financial Issues in Education (3)
EDUC 7579 Special Ed Law for Administrators (if not taken during the last 3 years) (2)
EDUC 7581 Instructional Supervision/Leadership (3)
EDUC 7585 Adm Human Resources (3)
EDUC 7595G Practicum in Special Education and Related Services (4)
EDUC 7596III  Internship/Principalship (7)
EDUC 7598D Seminar: Special Educaion Policies and Procedures (2)
EDUC 8677 Intro to Quantitative & Qualitative Research (3)
EDUC xxxx Elective (3)
*EDUC 7570 Oregon Law & Finance – Optional; for Principal certification in Oregon (2)
Total Credits 31-33

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