M.Ed. Curriculum, Instruction & Innovation

The Master of Education in Curriculum, Instruction, and Innovation is offered utilizing a cohort model. Students have the convenience of a fully online program with an option to meet with faculty face-to-face or online to enhance learning and to build community.

With a focus on high quality instruction, instructor leadership, innovation, personal reflection, and research practices and applications, the program equips graduates with the appropriate skill sets needed to access and effectively use technology and resources in today’s dynamic learning environments. The objective is to develop attitudes and practices that prepare educators to remain current and effective in an ever-changing world.

Program Design

The program coursework is offered fully online with opportunities to meet with faculty throughout the semester either face-to-face or online. The following highlights outline the program design and features.

  • 30 credits
  • A completion timeframe of 11-12 months
  • Accessible professors and staff allowing for support in each course 
  • Emphases to promote personalized learning: Curriculum Design, Instructional Coaching, Innovation 
  • Alignment with the Ed.S. program (Ed.S. is aligned with Ed.D. and Ph.D.)
  • Competitive tuition costs
  • NNU’s reputation for high-quality, rigorous academics
  • Hallmarks of a traditional C&I program
  • Attention to essential skills for remaining current in the field
  • Faculty advisers to help direct the course of study
  • A focus on innovative skill sets
Research Project

Under the advisement of a faculty mentor, students develop a practical application for the findings of the mixed methods research study. Projects will be presented in a culminating program electronic portfolio.

Cohort Start Dates

New cohorts begin each fall, but students can join an active cohort in most semesters. 

Required Courses

MEd in Curriculum, Instruction & Innovation Courses

EDUC8000 Orientation:  Graduate Education (0)
EDUC7505 Teachers as Leaders (3)
EDUC7511 The Learning Process (3)
EDUC7532 Instructional Models (3)
EDUC7551 Global Education in a Multi-Cultural Society (3)
EDUC7552 Instructional Coaching (3)
EDUC7553 Curriculum, Assessment and Collaboration (3)
EDUC7554 Innovative Instruction (3)
EDUC7555 Mixed Methods Research (3)
EDUC7556 Conceptual Statistics and Applications for Educators (3)
EDUC7557 Research Project (3) and EDUC7557P Portfolio (0)

Total Credits 30

Emphasis Areas 

During the application process, students will select one of three emphases to direct their research throughout the program:

  • Curriculum Design
  • Instructional Coaching
  • Innovation


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